7 Challenges Startups Face When Developing a Mobile App

mobile app development Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur who has just started the business and want expand their customer with mobile app development.

This article answers this question with an emphatic yes. With so many benefits of having a mobile app for your business and success stories, startups are looking to get their share of the pie. What are the challenges your startup will face when developing mobile applications? We answer that question in this article, read on and find out more.

Increased Competition Due to Market Saturation

With hundreds of mobile apps entering the app market on a daily basis, competition will once get fiercer. In such a competitive environment, how can your mobile app get the attention it deserves?

Developing Mobile App

 For a startup, this is the biggest challenge, as they do not even have the marketing budget of big businesses to overcome this problem. Startups will have to think out of the box and come up with unique app ideas and align them with user needs to create a magical mobile app for their business.

Securing Funds

Whether you are a developing a mobile app or not, securing funds is one of the biggest challenge for most startups. If you want to develop a professional mobile app for your business, you will have to cough up thousands of dollars. That is a huge sum of money for a startup. That is why; they will have to raise some money in order to cover the expenses.

Have a strategy to fund your mobile application and find sources to finance your startup to get the money you need to develop a mobile app for your business. Take advantage of online crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Apphackr to get your mobile app off the ground.

Compatibility with Different Devices and Screen Sizes

With billions of mobile devices out there that too with varying screen sizes, developing a mobile app that fit on all devices is a daunting challenge for most startups. You will have to consider different screen resolutions, mobile operating systems and many other factors to design a mobile app that work seamlessly across different screens.

A bad user experience on any device can badly affect the prospects of your mobile app. Do not forget rigorously test your mobile app to ensure a flawless mobile app is up for download for users.

Marketing and Promotions

As mentioned before, startups do not have the advertising and promotions budget of their larger, more stable counterpart therefore, they will have to work harder to get their mobile app noticed. Add to that the experience and market share of the competition and you have a challenge on your hands.

 Focus your attention on marketing your mobile app on relevant channels to get more downloads. Take professional advice on how to make your app a success and come up with unique ideas to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Performance Vs Battery Life

You might have heard many mobile app users complain about their battery woes. Users want the best performance from your mobile app without putting a huge dent on their battery. Striking a right balance between performance and battery life is crucial for your mobile app success but it is also quite challenging at the same time.

 Most startups make the mistake of emphasizing too much on aesthetics and design of the app while neglecting the performance and battery life factors, which leads to beautiful apps that hogs too much battery and have performance issues.

App Security

With Wanncrypt ransomware attack causing devastation globally, it is a wakeup call for startups and businesses to beef up their security to prevent confidential information of the users getting in the hands of attackers.

Although, Apple App store and Microsoft Windows App store does have a strict vetting process before an app can go live on their respective app stores but Google android still lags far behind when it comes to security.

That is the reason why we continuously come across news of malicious apps on Google Play store as well as different malware infecting apps on android app store. Give preference to app security and fix any security loopholes in your app to ensure that the users do not abandon your app due to security fears.

Distribution Control

Just like any product, your mobile apps need to be distributed. Unfortunately, startups do not have complete control over the distribution of their apps, which could create problems for developers. It is up to app publishers which platform they use to distribute their app.

Mobile carriers also demand more control for pre-loaded distribution to get your app on multiple devices. App developers need to make sure that their app is compatible with different software platforms and hardware configuration for it to work effectively on number of devices.


From competition to funding to marketing, startups will have to find a way to get past all these challenges to design a perfect mobile app. Overcoming all these app development challenges is critical in order to achieve startup success in today’s mobile dominated world. If you know about any other mobile app development challenge for startups, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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