7 Best Apps to Watch Movies Together Online with Friends

COVID-19 may have changed a lot of things, but what hasn’t changed is the love for a good old movie night with our favorite friends and family. Granted, it has been hard getting together between lockdowns and social distancing, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Today, there are more platforms than ever where you can watch movies with friends and family together, without even being in the same country, let alone the same room. With these platforms, you can gather your friends and family together over pizza and popcorn, just like the good old days!

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One of the best things about online platforms for watching videos is its freedom, with taking nothing away from the sense of connection. Everyone gets to enjoy a movie with people they love in a setting that they feel most comfortable in.

Want to know more about these platforms? Let’s get right into the top 7 apps we love using to watch movies with friends and family.

Note: Remember that some of these platforms might not work in your country. To unblock them, try using a streaming VPN that will unblock these platforms and let you access global content libraries for a broader range of movies to choose from.


Even though Parsec was originally meant as an online hang-out spot for gamers to get together and stream games with their and play couch co-op games together, it can certainly double as a movie streaming service. With a focus on gaming, the platform provides minimal latency, which means you won’t be facing any lagging, delays, or buffering issues with this one.

Because Parsec works by streaming your entire desktop, you can use it with your favorite streaming service or even watch movies from your own media server. But that’s still not the best part about Parsec. What sets it is that you can have combined gaming-and-movies experience with the same app and that it runs on all major OS.


In a long-distance relation and craving to bring back some sense of romance back? Twoseven might be just for you because it was created by a couple who had to spend some time in an LDR! How cool is that?

The tool is designed with only theme: simplicity. This is why the app is created to run straight from your browser, supports major streaming platforms like Netflix and Vimeo, and also lets you watch downloaded videos.

It doesn’t stop here, though. The app also has built-in text and video capabilities that make sure you only have to use this app, and this app only to be able to enjoy a great movie night together—from miles apart.


Most of us know Zoom as the platform we all use to attend school and college lectures online during lockdowns. We don’t know that Zoom can also be used to watch movies, and its super useful screen-sharing features—yes, the same one you use to share presentations!

With this one, you can turn the voice on, keep the cameras on, and even share texts while watching the movie to get the full experience. Watching a good horror movie on Zoom would be—something.


This one is a free multiplatform application and is compatible with major media players, including VLC and KM Player. The only issue with this platform is that you need to have movies already downloaded and stored on your device to watch them with friends—old school, but it works!


Gaze is another platform that will let you watch movies and shows with your friends online. It works much the same way as Syncplay, requiring the files to be already downloaded and stored on the device.

However, the catch with Gaze is that both parties will need to have the same file downloaded on their devices, or it won’t work, unlike the other applications. Overall, the app works great—it just takes a bit of work to get it to work.


Watch2gether is one of the more straightforward applications that will let you watch movies with friends in real-time. You don’t even need to sign up for an account—you just need to have a temporary nickname.

As simple as hitting the ‘create a room’ button, this application will even let you stream videos on YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo!


Kast takes a slightly different approach than the crowd. Instead of letting people share ‘screens’ between them, Kast allows sharing ‘a browser,’ syncing almost everything across multiple devices, including games and documents, which makes it an excellent choice for watching movies with people you love and trust.

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