6 ideas for decorating your outdoor space

We often give lot of attention to how the interior of any house should be decorated but often the outside remain ignored. But we should pay utmost attention to exterior first. It is the first space you or your guest set your eyes on. A well decorated outdoor space sets a great impression while anyone is visiting. A well decorated house space creates a good aura and good impression for you making it very important to spend your thought and energy in decorating it. Here are 6 ideas you can use to make your outdoor beautiful.

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  1. Neon signs

Neon lights are in big trend today. You can hang neon lights in various designs and patterns. You can also use neon light to add personal touch to your outdoor space. They add lot of charm to outdoor décor when they glow in the dark and would make your patio extra beautiful at night. If you are decorating your house on any theme, neon lights are very useful. They came in various shapes and sizes in market and are available in varied range of costs.

  • Lighting

If you are not a fan of neon lights, you can still add some other lighting such as twinkling lights, fairy lights and lanterns. Light can instantly set up a great mood and amplify the beauty of the outdoor space. If you have an outdoor garden you can wrap the lights around them to illuminate them. In the evenings when you will light up your patio and outdoor space it will look magical. Add some cozy furniture and it is now perfect place for you to have tea and create beautiful memories.

3. Walls Decoration

When you are decorating your outdoor space you should pay extra attention to this pay you should decorate your walls in such a way that it look like a smooth transition between interior and exterior. Walls are perfect canvas to decorate in a way that can be used to express you. There are lots of materials available in markets for you to use. You can buy metal flower sculpture and paint them in different colors, you can also add various hanging element to the outside of your room. If you want to put in more effort, you can build some wood block wall. You can cut wood blocks of different depth and assemble them into eye catching wall.

  • Mini Garden

If you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space, you can decorate it with plants and pots. A garden full with flowers attracts everyone and also cheers up the whole mood. You can decorate your garden with flowers of your choice. You can also use small rocks to create a gravel path from gate to your home. You can plant hedge alongside the path. If you don’t have enough space to grow plants in soil you can create your tiny fairy garden in pots, it also looks equally stunning.

  • Hanging Garden

Hanging gardens are nothing new. Everyone has either read about it or been charmed by it at least once. They are adaptable to all kind of budget so you don’t have to worry about it economically. By hanging planters and adding some vines you can give your outdoor playful touch. Your outdoor space will look even more beautiful if you add some twinkling light to go along with it. If you’re outdoor space has some sheltered area or indoor space you can decorate it as well as vertical garden.  You can use trellises to help you achieve this successfully. A few plants that will do well on trellises and growing vertically are clematis, assorted ivy and morning glory. If you want to DIY a little you can create a vertical garden tower for potted plants and flowers you can reuse your old shoe rack or even items like clean plastic container.

  • Furniture

An outdoor place is incomplete if there is no place to sit around. If you have enough space to put out some outdoor furniture you should must decorate it with some. Put some cozy chairs with table to have a nice evening with family and friends, and enjoy the view. If you don’t have enough space for chair and table set you can put a single bench. It would be a perfect spot to curl up with nice book and relax. You can choose the color of furniture depending on your choice. You can either go for neutral color or go for royal color for bolder approach.

  • Gnomes

Lastly decorate your superb outdoor space with classical gnomes. Apart from adding homely feel to your place they also gave your living space a touch of mythological charm. A classical garden is incomplete without couple of gnomes in it. If you don’t have enough space to put them separately you can put them up alongside flower pots on your doorsteps to add a magical touch.

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