5 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Crashing Issues after Reconciling

    fix quickbooks crashing issues

    Periodically, problems with the company file can cause the QuickBooks program to crash after reconciling the data. Even, the misplaced files and damaged data in the accounts can be a reason for the application to crash frequently and run slowly. In that situation, you have to repair the data file to fix the issues.

    You can resolve the problems by restoring the backup if you?re facing the QuickBooks crash issues and unable to revive the company file. Installing the new software updates, repairing QuickBooks and fixing the corrupted data files can help you resolve the problems you may face after QuickBooks reconciliation

    Solution 1 ? Basic Troubleshooting tips

    A corrupted print file can cause the QuickBooks crashing issue. It may happen when you print the accounts just after reconciliation, yet, you can fix the problem by resolving the PDF and driver issues. You may also require reinstalling the missing component related to your printer.

    Sometimes, QuickBooks stops to respond instead of crashing when you try to reconcile the finances and even shows the unrecoverable error that may be difficult to diagnose and fix for a native user. At this time, you can consult the Intuit experts for the immediate solution.

    Solution 2 ? Adobe Reader problems

    QuickBooks may crash at times if you have an out-of-date Adobe Reader version on your computer or incorrectly configured settings. To fix this issue, you first have to reach out the Adobe?s official site and ensure that there is a new version is available for the Adobe Reader.

    Open the Adobe Reader program, click on the ?Edit? menu, and then the ?Preferences? tab in the drop-down list. In the sidebar, select the ?Internet? option and deselect the checkbox next to the ?Display PDF in Browser.? Click the ?OK? button, and then you can try to open or print the report again. If you still face problems, consult the QuickBooks customer Support for instant help.

    Solution 3 ? Run the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Utility

    Running the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair utility is an easy to fix various problems associated with Adobe Reader installation. After downloading and running this tool, you have to restart the QuickBooks program.

    Afterward, you need to load the QuickBooks reconciliation report again and try to print it to make sure if the problem still exists. If you?re still facing issues, restart the computer and other connected systems that may hold the data of your QuickBooks program. In most cases, a simple restart can resolve the issue permanently.

    Solution 4 ? Reconcile Screen

    Make sure whether the reconcile report window shows on the screen when you run the QuickBooks reconciliation report. If you?re unable to find the reconciliation window, then close the program and try to recheck the report.

    By repairing the QuickBooks program and files, you can also resolve out each of the issues. If the problem still exists even after correcting all data and installation, you can restart your computer and the QuickBooks program to fix the errors.

    Solution 5 ? Reinstall XPS Writer

    The XPS Document Writer may cause problems when you check or view your QuickBooks reconciliation report on it. If you use another option, such as print a web page and choose the ?Microsoft XPS Document Writer? tool from the printer list, instead of accessing the XPS writer inside the QuickBooks, then you may not face any problems with this utility.

    Reinstalling the XPS writer using the installation media that supplemented your MS Office software is a way to resolve the issue if you?re unable to find the XPS writer in the drop-down list or you face an error. Later on, restart your PC and try to rerun the reconciliation report.

    However, if you still can?t fix the problems and QuickBooks always keeps crashing once you try to open the reconcile report, contact the?QuickBooks online customer support number?to instantly ask the help of professionals in order to fix various issues specific to your QuickBooks program.


    Various issues can cause QuickBooks to stop responding or start crashing when you try to check the report after performing the reconciliation of the company data file. Fortunately, we have described some possible solutions in this article that can fix the program crashing and reconciliation problems. The Information mainly applies to the QuickBooks 2014 version. It may be slightly or significantly different with other QuickBooks versions.

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