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    The first job is always a special one. It is like the stepping stone to your career and more or less determines the path you?re going to carry on. Getting ready for your first job after completing your education can be both exciting yet confusing. While choosing a company for the very first time, you have apprehensions over the opportunities and risks that would follow, whether the salary is good, what will be the long term goal, how about job satisfaction, etc. So to make things a little easier for you, let’s look into some quick insights on what to look for in a first job right after you complete your education.

    The ?Chosen One?

    The first job should be something that you want and drives you passionately. It shouldn?t be a push through or something you aren?t confident enough to pull off. Make sure it is the best choice available. Ask and get advice from seniors who have worked there or at least in that industry. Learn about the company, know things that really matter to you from the hiring HR?s, don?t keep any doubts about your decisions which you might regret later for not being aware of. Ask questions like what things will you be assigned out of your job description, whether the culture of the company sound for skill development, what is a typical career path for someone who starts in this role, etc.

    ?Hey! Are you satisfied with your job??

    People in the industry have acknowledged that in spite of their high salaries, they are not fully job satisfied and this is a major issue in all the industries. First and foremost there?s no point in doing a job that makes you crib. If there are no new avenues for growth and no career fulfillment it’s better not to choose that job or quit it. Ask your seniors about what they feel about their job satisfaction and how perfectly it relates to you. If it doesn’t feel right, which you will realise on your own once you know their experiences, there is no point of sticking on the job just for the sake of it. But, if there is no one to guide you about job satisfaction and rest all your criteria are fulfilled, go for the company and see it yourself- you have an option every time.

    Thinking of the long-term

    It?s obviously a stepping stone in your career and an important one! Starting on the right foot is very important, but you must think about your future as well. Explore different opportunities the company will provide you while you are working for them. Enquire the hiring HRs about the internal evaluation system, skill development, and specialized programs for employee advancement. Check for the networking opportunities that the company will provide, is there any high profile clients involved in their business which can provide you alternatives afterward in your career. Look for your seniors if they were able to advance quickly in the organization. Above all, don?t hesitate to work hard for what you want and remember your effort now determines the limits you can touch in the future.


    Right from the starting years of graduation all that matters to every other student and maybe you as well is the starting salary. You should know that starting salaries may be low but while choosing a job consider all other benefits bundled around with the salary like medical insurance, home, vehicle, paid vacations, variable components, etc. It?s not only the salary which is the benefit but the compensation you get from the company as a whole.

    Although in your initial years, I would recommend to not think so much about the money factor as what counts now is how much you are learning and growing as far as your job is concerned. If you are getting paid while you are learning, then that’s like an added benefit.

    Whom are you going to report?

    It very well matters who is going to be your senior both personally and professionally. Know your senior and search what kind of person he is. Is he innovative or goes by the book? I can tell from my personal experience that having a great manager early on will create the strongest impact on your long-term growth. His dreams, passions and how he operates in general will have a direct influence on you. More often than not, you will attain his tricks and techniques and sometimes get to learn from his mistakes as well. Hence, working for someone who is talented, generous with their time, and willing to teach you can be a powerful jumpstart. Partner up with strong leadership teams and extract every skill while you are young, new, and hungry for learning. Never back away from asking questions but also make sure to stay in your limits. Afterall, at the end of the day, he is your boss.???????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I hope these points will help you in assessing what you want when you sit for your first job interview. Remember to search and evaluate everything before finally accepting a job. Take enough time and never hesitate from asking seniors, hiring HRs, or experts about the job. Take help of job portals like Job Vacancy Result. Do proper research to be absolutely sure but once you have made up your mind, don?t start second guessing yourself. Your first job holds a special place so don?t ruin it by thinking too much of the mistakes. Just sit back and do your job with utmost sincerity and let destiny take its own course.


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