5 Online Resources for Computer Science Enthusiasts

Computer science is a difficult field to master. It requires years of studying and hard work to learn the nuances of programming, algorithms, coding languages, data structures, etc. There are many ways to study computer science online though. Here are 5 resources that you can use in your quest for knowledge:

1. Udacity

Udacity is an online learning platform that focuses on teaching computer science courses. The curriculum can vary depending on the instructor, but topics usually include programming languages, data structures, and algorithms, machine learning, etc.

intro to C++

Udacity also features “Nanodegree” programs for students who want to become experts in a field. The Nanodegree programs are created in collaboration with companies like Google, AT&T, and others to teach students the skills that they need for industry positions.

In addition to computer science courses, Udacity also offers humanities and other non-technical online classes. For instance, “Intro to Statistics” or “War and Peace”. Udacity is free for students who just want access to the course material. Students with a goal of completing a Nanodegree program will have to pay $200 per month.

2. Coursera

Coursera is another online learning platform that offers courses in computer science. There are over 1000+ courses offered on the website, which vary depending upon the instructor and the time commitment required. Some of them include intro to Java programming; algorithms; machine learning; intro to data structures etc.; intro Python programming.

Like Udacity, Coursera also offers Nanodegree programs in collaboration with companies like Google, Facebook, etc. The fee for a Nanodegree program on Coursera is $300 per month. In addition to computer science courses and Nanodegree programs, Coursera also offers other types of courses, like “The Science of Well-Being” and “Learning How to Learn”.

These courses are not specific to computer science but may be of interest to students who want to learn more about a particular topic. Coursera is free for students who just want access to the course material.

3. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft is a big company that offers courses in several different areas including computer science. The online platform for the courses offered by the company is called “Microsoft Virtual Academy”. A few of their most popular courses include intro to C++, intro to Python, and intro to SQL.

These free courses are taught through video tutorials with quizzes and hands-on labs. Microsoft Virtual Academy also offers “MVA Pass” subscriptions which give you access to all of their courses, as well as course completion badges and transcripts. Microsoft Virtual Academy is free for anyone to use.

In addition to intro to Python, Microsoft Virtual Academy also offers courses in other computer science topics like web development, mobile development, and game development.

4. Codecademy

Codecademy is a website that focuses on teaching people how to code. They offer brief, interactive exercises in different programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby. The exercises are designed to teach you the basics of a language so that you can start writing your own programs. Codecademy is free for people to use.

Codecademy also offers a paid subscription service called “Code School” which gives you access to more advanced courses and tools. Code School costs $29 per month. In addition to their course offerings in programming languages, Codecademy also offers courses in web development and mobile development.

5. Udemy

Udemy is a website where instructors can create and offer courses online. The instructor sets the price, length of time for access to material, etc., and students purchase the course directly from them. If you sign up as an “instructor”, then you have the opportunity to design your own courses on any topic that interests you. Udemy is free for instructors to use and for students, you can purchase courses directly from the instructor or at a discounted rate of 50% using “coupons”.

Udemy offers over 100+ computer science-related courses including intro to Java programming; algorithms; machine learning etc.; Android development; Python coding for data science; intro web development. In addition to computer science courses, Udemy also offers courses in other topics like business & entrepreneurship, design, marketing, etc.


There are a variety of different online resources that you can use to learn about computer science. The five resources above are some of the most popular and well-known ones. Choose the one that fits your needs and interests best, and get started on your journey to becoming a computer science enthusiast.

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