5 Important Tips to Stop Dog shedding that every Dog Owner should know

Hair loss or shedding in dogs annoys every dog owner because no one likes hairs scattering on the floor all over the house.

Dog shedding depends upon various factors including the breed of the dog, temperature, health, and lifestyle of the dog.

 Many dog owners increase the grooming of the dog in the hope to stop hair shedding but it doesn�t help because grooming could only help in reducing shedding not stopping it.

Some of them bathe their dogs frequently to control it. You should know that bathing them too frequently can make their skin dry and could also lead to the loss of natural oils from the coat of the dog.  So you should know the bathing requirements of your dog.

For Example– Dog who loves to play outside and gets dirty easily requires more grooming and bathing in comparison to a dog who likes to rest indoors.

Here we are discussing some tips by which you could possibly help you to reduce hair shedding of your dog.

Tip 1: Add omega 3 fatty acids in your dog�s diet

Diet of the dog could also determine the shedding level of your dog, if a dog is not getting enough nutrition from his diet it would surely result in high shedding. So the diet of the dog should be healthy and balanced.

Adding omega 3 fatty acids in your dog�s diet could help in reducing shedding. You can feed your dog cod liver oil capsules. You can also add Salmon, Egg, and Tuna in your dog�s diet.

Make sure you are not feeding something to which your dog is allergic to.

Tip 2: Brush your dog daily

Brushing your dog�s coat could also help you as it removed dead hair from its coat and avoid the hairs from scattering on the floor. It would also make your dog more cool and comfortable as it removes extra fur.

Tip 3: Using Deshedders 

You could also use Deshedders on your dog�s coat. Deshedders work amazingly on some dogs while they don�t work much good on some. In my opinion, Deshedding tools work best on dogs with a dense double coat, like Rottweilers.

Tip 4: Provide your dog with plenty of fresh and clean water

Dehydration could also be the reason for increased shedding, so you should make sure that your dog is hydrated. 

Tip 5: Bathing your dog

Bathing is one of the best methods to reduce shedding, it not only removes dead hair but it also removes dirt and bacteria from the dog�s coat and reduces the chances of skin infections.

Parasites could also cause increased shedding but bathing helps in removing fleas and other parasites from your dog�s coat.

Make sure you choose a good shampoo for your dog according to his coat type by consulting your Vet.

But then the question arises how many times your dog needs to be bathed. Normally it depends upon lifestyle and breed of your dog but normally a dog should be bathed around twice or once in every couple of months.


Every Dog owner should understand that increased abnormal shedding should not be ignored, if the shedding didn’t stop then.

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