5 DIY Budget-Friendly Gifts Using Acrylic Paint

If you have excellent painting skills, use the holiday season to make unique DIY gifts. There are various DIY budget-friendly gifts that you can make using acrylic paint.

1. Customized Shoes

Acrylic paints are versatile and can work on different surfaces. Shoes can always be a perfect gift. You can make the gift more beautiful by customizing the shoes with acrylic paint. The final product of painted shoes always looks impressive, especially if you have incredible painting skills. You can customize the shoes with your loved ones’ favorite quote, or you can come up with a unique theme and outline it.

Depending on what your loved one likes, you can come up with a small drawing or a big drawing on the sneakers. It would be best to check out their wardrobe and customize the shoes to match their taste. Getting plain shoes and customizing them to something special will cost you less than purchasing a customized pair of shoes.

2. Glow In The Dark Painting

A painting that glows in the dark will never go wrong. You can come up with a perfect gift when you DIY a glow-in-the-dark painting. There are acrylic paints that glow in the dark, and they will amplify your painting. For a gift, get a wood panel and create a painting.

Acrylic paints are versatile

The painting can be simple stars, moon art, words of encouragement, or a quote from your friend’s favorite book. Amplify the painting by adding acrylic paints that glow in the dark. For the painting to glow, you will need a dark background for your drawing. You will need a watercolor effect to make a realistic look.

3. Customized Water Bottle

Artist grade acrylic paint does not work on canvas only. You can use the paint on different surfaces, getting the same effect. Most people love water bottles, always walking around with them. That makes water bottles a perfect gift, either on Christmas or birthday. To make the water bottle more personalized, you can paint it with acrylic paint. The painting on the water bottle can either be roses, a photo of the person you are gifting, or words of encouragement. Also, if you know the person well, you can get their favorite quote and paint it on the water bottle. Acrylic paint can easily peel off from the water bottle surface when washed. To avoid peeling, you will need to seal the painting with a water-resistant sealant.

4. Splatter Painting

Splatter paint can look so good when mounted on the wall. If you run out of gift ideas, you can decide to splatter acrylic paint and gift your loved one. The splatter can have various colors, making a beautiful piece on the wall. Before you splatter paint, you need to prepare your work area. Splattering paint can be so messy, and if you are not careful, you will splatter the paint on your clothes and other surfaces.

Despite being messy, it is worth it because the outcome will be so beautiful, and the whole process will be fun. You will need canvas, paintbrushes, water, acrylic paint, and gloves. First, mix the acrylic paint with water, then dip the brush in it. You will position your brush on the canvas and pull it back to make the splatter. If you flick the bristles faster, you will create more splatters.

5. Personalize Their D?cor

Some changes on house d?cor can bring a significant transformation. If your friend likes a particular art and style, you can create acrylic paint for them. You can draw paintings on items to fit their style and taste.

For instance, your friend can be a lover of the sky, or they love watching the stars, or they love leafy patterns. Instead of looking for items that have those drawings, which can be hard to get, you can create them with acrylic paint. Get your friend a storage box, and use acrylic paint to create a pattern they will like. Also, you can draw the pattern on plates, cups, or vases.


Whether it is Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or random gifting, you can always make DIY gifts using acrylic paint. If you have acrylic painting ideas in your mind, you can always try them and come up with a gift for your loved ones.

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