4 Main Reasons Why Free Fire (FF) Is Called 8-bit Dotted Game

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It’s not just Mobile Legends that have been nicknamed dotted or 8 bit (low quality) games, Free Fire (FF) which currently dominates the Battle Royale game on mobile has also gotten the same name. Free Fire was one of the games with the first generation battle royale genre before PUBG launched its mobile version.

At that time Free Fire and Rules of Survival ruled the Battle Royale game on mobile, but gradually the Rules of Survival declined in popularity and left only FF games which then confronted rival PUBG Mobile and finally Call of Duty Mobile.

Almost in every talk on social media, there are always many who say that Free Fire is a dotted game or an 8 bit game. This title is usually made by PUBG Mobile players who feel their favorite game is better than Free Fire even though their rank on Google Play is far below Free Fire. Well, actually what causes this game to get a title like that? Let’s explore the causes one by one.

Free Fire Graphics

This is actually the first reason why Free Fire is called the 8-bit dotted game. When compared with PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile, Free Fire graphics are like earth and sky. The size of the Free Fire game is no more than 1GB or rather around 800 MB, which is very far compared to the PUBG game size which has reached 4 GB.

From this figure can already be seen why the graphics in the Free Fire game seem improvised. But Garena, as the Android game developer , doesn’t just stay quiet, updates are constantly being made to perfect this FF game so it is even more feasible to play.

In the last update of the Kalahari Desert Map patch , Garena has improved the graphics quality to be better with the presence of  Free Fire Mod Apk Max which has super ultra HD graphics which are now in the close beta test stage. With this massive update, are you still saying that Free Fire (FF) is a dotted game?

Do not have a door

This is also the thing that makes Free Fire a monthly material, because there are no doors in all buildings and houses in all FF game folders. If you look at the real world, the existence of this door is very important for the realistic game and user experience .

But because Free Fire was originally intended for low end cell phone users, the door was removed. The reason is quite simple, because if you use a door, the developer must create an animated asset open and close the door. By eliminating it, the rendering process is easier and faster.

Therefore, the absence of this door is in accordance with the concept of the Free Fire game that is friendly with all types of smartphones. This is a logical reason to answer the question why the FF game does not have a door, so do not baper first when teased ” Basic games do not have a door “.

Identical to Low end Cellphone

Actually, cellphone is also very influential, the difference between TFT, IFS and Amoled screens is really felt. Not to mention the pixel density of smartphones which increasingly makes this game look dotted. Because of their small size and light weight, most of the players in this game were originally users of gaming smartphones with low specifications. Because those who have higher specifications will choose to play Rules of Survival at the beginning of its first time and then switch to PUBG after the release on mobile.

Lots of kid players

The last thing that makes things even more heated is that more and more boy players are scattered around the game. The situation heats up between Free Fire and other battle royale games, such as PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, inevitably drags the term 8 bit game into this fray, including FF game memes that further emphasize the comparison of Free Fire vs. PUBG Mobile.

Well now you already know is not exactly what the main cause of Free Fire (FF) is called a game dotted with 8 bit quality by many haters. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and other Esports only at Kabar Games.

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