4 Incredible Parenting Styles You Need to Explore

    parenting styles

    A parenting practice is a role that you are supposed to do as a parent to shape your child’s future. Having a child places you to a unique position in life as a parent. It doesn’t matter your social status in society slightly based on the principles that you set to them with the word go. In this article, you will learn various parenting styles you have to implore.

     Keep in mind that every child and parents are unique in their way. So, there is no specific way that is commonly used to bring the children up. Here are the basic styles in which you can fall.

    1. Permissive Parenting

    Permissive parenting is where the parent behaves in a friendly way to his children than being a channel of strict authorized rules. The parent concentrates on nurturing the child with relaxed regulations. Also, the kids are kept far from the guiding rules to the right way of life.

    Permissive parents are caring and provide their children with every need that they request. Children enjoy a lot of freedom since there is less enforcement of rules on their part. They are usually delighted with fewer chores as their days are not structured.

    According to Laura Markham, Ph.D., author of Peaceful Parent Happy Kids, “Permissive parents have a hard time setting limits on their children.”

    Most of the permissive parents are reluctant to correct the bad behaviors from their children; hence they fail to implore the expected age behavioral change. As a result of this, children are usually naughty and weak in practice.

    2. Free Parenting

    Free parenting happens to parents who are concerned about teaching their children to be more independent by doing what they can do right. There is less supervision, but the rules are being enforced to ensure safety.

    Keep in mind that when you do free parenting, you have to be aware of the expected laws that govern the goals set to the child. On the positive side, free parenting doesn’t apply to young children only but also the adults and also develops their creativity.

    Most of the time, kids are left to play alone and explore the unknown as long as the set rules are not broken. Most of the time, the child is left alone unsupervised by the parent.

    3. Authoritarian Parenting

    Authoritarian parenting is the type of parenting done by setting high rules and high expectations for your child. As a parent, you don’t support the kids in achieving the standards since the rules are strict and harsh. Mostly, authoritarian parents focus on twisting the child’s needs to fit strict regulations they have in place. More so, the parents are usually based on harsh treatment and punishment due to the high expectations for the child.

    “Authoritarian parents believe that the child should do what they say because they said it,” says Christina Furnival, clinical Counsellor.

    4. Authoritative Parenting

    Authoritative parenting is when you place high expectations on the child. However, unlike authoritarian, the child is guided on having to reach the expected goals. Usually, it is regarded as the most effective parenting style as the child gets enough guidance to achieve whatever is desired. You have neither balance between being strict and warm to the child.

    Final Thoughts

    As a parent, you have a responsibility to bring up your child to make them fit in the society. You can know choose and explore the one that is fit for your child. Remember that you cannot use all of them for your child. Choose the best fit for the uniqueness of your child.


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