30-minute workout plan for every age group

Exercising is an essential thing, which every individual should do. Either you are in your 18’s or 81’s, there is no reason to avoid exercising by mentioning the reason for age. Young people do exercise to stay healthy, and the old ones do it to avoid health-related problems. And one should do it regularly to stay healthy. There are endless benefits attached to exercising. If your body can catch chronic diseases easily, you must start working out before it is too late. Thus the people who are old aged can not do exercise that involves more strength or hard breathing. Most people ignore their health and avoid exercising. With this carelessness, they also pay a considerable price.


Here is a list of the exercises that every age group should do regularly to stay healthy.

Top 5 exercises for every age group :

1. Pilates: This exercise is done with some special equipment like a wunda chair, reformer, or Cadillac. With the straps and handles, springs and pulleys, the apparatus could provide support and resistance. Pilates can be done by people of every age group and help improve overall well-being and general fitness by strengthening the body by putting primary emphasis on the core strength. There are many benefits involved with it, like improved balance, joint mobility, posture, muscle tone, etc. Moreover, it can also relieve tension and stress.

2. Lifting weights: Weight lifting can be very beneficial for even a younger person or a comparatively older person. They can choose their weight as per their comfort. People who are aged between 60-80 do not have much strength left in them. Lifting weights could be the most effective way to build up strength reducing the risk of heart diseases. For the younger ones, it can result in good sleep and reduced depression.

3. Pushups and sit-ups: All age groups could do this. Sit-ups are the best ways to improve core strength, reducing the risk of back pain and injuries. It also provides better balance and improved muscle mass. At the same time, pushups can improve the cardiovascular system and protect the shoulders against any injury.

4. Side-to-side twisted punches: It is a very simple exercise that you can include in the 30-minute workout. There are many benefits of side punches like improved balance and focus, increased strength, burning calories, etc. By punching, you are using the body’s maximum force that will eventually lead to more significant strength muscles. 

5. Tai chi: This exercise is a form of martial arts that can help relax the flowing movements. It requires deep breathing, improves body posture, increases muscle strength in the legs, and reduces stress. It is referred best for every age group.


Many people have to align with the physical therapists who could help them educate and prescribe treatments regarding the maintenance of their health. This can be the worst situation for any person going through all this. One must take care of themselves from an early age and do regular exercises to avoid joint pain, lack of sleep, high blood pressure, weight gain, memory loss, etc. 

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