3 Reasons People Go Crazy About Diamonds


Since time immemorial certain things just make people go WOW.

Diamonds are one of those things.

–And gold too!

Put the two together and you have a sure fire winning combination.

In this article I go over 3 reasons diamonds are chosen for engagement rings.

1. Diamonds Are Magic

People say that precious metals and precious stones have been seen as having exceptional value because of their unique properties. But you and I know a well cut diamond, even your standard round brilliant one carat diamond, is just pure magic.

?Ok, I know they?re magic?, I hear you say, ?but what makes them so??

Diamonds have this incredibly perfect molecular structure that allows them to transform light into beautiful flashes of color.

It?s pretty obvious that when fire was the main source of light a stone like a diamond would have been seen as pure magic. Remember electric light is only a relatively recent invention.

2. Diamonds Are Precious

Anything unique has the potential of being seen as valuable. Add beauty to it, and you?ve got yourself a winner. That?s what makes diamonds one of the wonders of the world.

So diamonds been dazzling people for centuries but they also hold immense cultural symbolism. Think about this: what does it mean to own a diamond?

People are obsessed with diamonds because owning something unique and expensive and worthy of admiration adds to one?s social status within society. That’s the reason people buy luxury items. If someone can afford a diamond or anything expensive for that matter, it?s a way of broadcasting that someone is comfortable financially, to say the least.

Something that makes diamonds special is that they are an extremely compact store of value.

Some people buy certain types of diamonds as an investment. Not every diamond will qualify as an investment diamond. It is, as you might have guessed, the more expensive ones, the extremely rare ones that make the cut as investment diamonds. They are asset items whose value will go up over time.

One of the reasons people go crazy about diamonds is that it’s a cultural thing. Diamonds have a very solid place in our culture and as long as people like pretty things, admire skilled work, and appreciate value, diamonds will continue playing a prominent role in society.

3. Diamonds Are Beautiful

Just look at the lineup at the Oscars. What do the beautiful people wear? Diamonds. What sparkles more brilliantly and has a name that sounds luxurious? Diamonds. There is really no other gem stone that can take the place of a diamond. Sure some might try to usurp the place of diamonds, but I have yet to see any serious contenders. I mean the top spot is firmly taken and all would be takers are never going to dethrone the king of the mountain, the top of the pops, the lord of all gems: the majestic diamond.

And anything that is unique and extraordinary like a diamond, well, it gets attention. And who doesn?t love attention?

If you are one of those people that thinks diamonds are overrated, well, go and look at some diamonds. Find a place that stocks ideal cut diamonds. Once there you are going to have to agree that diamonds are beautiful. They are the crowning creation of the galaxy?s forces, the earth?s forces and human ingenuity and creativity. Diamonds capture and return light like few things on earth. And when cut to perfect standards are a sight that is unlike anything on earth.

Thomas J Stevens is a GIA Diamonds Graduate and Colored Stones Graduate. He spends much of his time helping people find great diamond deals online. He also likes to read and talk about philosophy and history.



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