What is a 2D Explainer Video Maker and Why Should Small Businesses Invest in It in 2021?

Video is perhaps the most powerful and the most persuasive medium in the world today. I?m not just talking about videos on YouTube or streaming platforms like Netflix. Even the videos on social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are attracting billions of views every day. 

As the lines between social media and entertainment blur and video creators compete for consumers? viewing time, small businesses have a great chance to exploit this mass phenomenon of video addiction.

  • On average, we spend 3.7 hours a day stuck to our mobile devices. Much of this personal time is spent by users watching videos. 
  • Internet users across the world are shifting from television sets to smaller screen devices like smartphones and tablets. 
  • By 2022, online videos will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic in the world ? a 1400% increase since 2017. 

How can small businesses make the most of these trends and convey their marketing or product-related messages in a way that inspires their target audiences? Here?s a two-word answer – ?explainer videos.?

What are Explainer Videos? 

Explainer Videos are promotional, informative, educational content that can be used to convey important messages to target audiences about business products or services in a time-efficient manner. 

Let?s say a small business is launching a brand-new product. New users don?t have any clue about this new product or its features. The business owner can create one or many explainer videos explaining the features of the brand-new product. 

Explainer videos are usually only one to three minutes long. But, the combination of graphics, audio, and video allows creators to quickly break down complicated topics and clarify them in an appealing and easy-to-understand format. These videos can – 

  • Capture and maintain the attention of target viewers to increase video completion rates on video-sharing platforms (and earn ad revenue for the small business along the way). 
  • Animations can be used to make the explainer videos more emotionally charged.
  • When viewers watch explainer videos from different brands, they automatically become more engaged. Their chances of interacting with the brand on social media channels or on the company?s business website increase significantly. 
  • Animated videos can be created in 2D or 3D, depending on the creator?s budget and content-related objectives.
  • The videos can range from ? basic pictures with voiceovers or music to live-action films displaying customer journeys and experiences. 

As long as an explainer video is engaging from beginning to end, it will create an impact on the viewer. Here?s why investing in explainer video makes commercial sense for small businesses ?

Explain Complex Topics

Small business owners can write as many technical articles as they want, but some topics are simply too complicated to be discussed in text. Plus, our brains process text 50,000 times slower than moving images. 

So, when you?re promoting a product or service that?s slightly complicated, it?s better to offer your viewers explainer videos. In addition to the brand and product-related information, these videos can also feature strong reasons why viewers should spend their money on the business. 

Creative and exciting images make audiences think that they?re having real-life interactions with the brand. So, the chances of them watching your explainer videos and checking out your products and services are pretty high.

Boost Business Website Traffic

Just by embedding a couple of videos on your business website, you?re significantly increasing the chances of your website landing on the first few pages of Google?s search results. It?s no secret that websites with video content are favored by Google?s algorithm.

So, why not use explainer videos (that serve multiple purposes already) to attract traffic to your site? Plus, users are likelier to spend more time on your business website if it features interesting and valuable videos. 

In addition to the views, potential customers will also gain a better understanding of your brand and your products. If they retain this information, it can lead to word-of-mouth promotions and increased leads. 

Ideal for Mobile Users

Explainer videos are tailor-made for mobile internet users. The small size of these videos (60 to 120 seconds on average) makes them extremely viewable. Many consumers say they watch explainer videos before making purchase decisions. Why not make it easy for them by creating explainer videos that perfectly fit on their mobile screens?

Easy to Make 

Lastly, and most importantly, tools like the 2D Explainer Video Maker make it very easy to create and publish explainer videos. These software tools have various features that make it very easy to create hundreds of animated videos within a month. 

Features like pre-build animations, free music tracks, interactive characters, and text-to-speech algorithms make these tools extremely user-friendly. Plus, these tools are cheap, so small businesses can churn out hundreds of animated explainer videos within a year without spending too much. 

Explainer video-making tools allow small businesses the perfect chance to improve the customer engagements on their websites and their sales figures significantly. Small businesses that want to optimize their marketing budgets in 2021 must invest in these tools.

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