25 Bridal Styles for Long Hair

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    Author: Mahira Sharma 

    If you’re a bride-to-be with long hair, you’re in luck. Being a bride can be both exciting and stressful. As a bride you want everything to be perfect when the day comes, the cakes, the guest tables, foods and your dress, and right up there among the most important things you want to be totally perfect is your hair. Women break their head trying to decide on how they want to wear their hair on the day they get married, which is a big decision. So,on your quest to find your ultimate wedding hairstyle, we came up with a list of some amazing ways you brides can wear your lengthy tresses. Here are 25 Bridal Styles for Long Hair.

    1. Bun Wrapped in Pearls

    The swept-back bun is neat and a very cute style, but put it together with pearls and it just gives you that extra, perfect for a wedding look.

    1. Headband and a Low Bun

    The elegance of wearing a low bun and finding a head band decorated with If headbands beautiful pearls and crystals give you the perfect look fit for the occasion.

    1. half-up with loose braids

    A half up gives a balanced look between a top bun and free weaves. To give yourself more of a beautiful bride look, go for messy braids tied in the back.

    1. Flower half-crown

    It doesn?t matter whether you use real flowers or not, the flower half crown works as a beautiful natural looking accessory. It also leaves your bangs free for styling.

    1. Hair pulled back and a crown

    When you pull back your hair leave a few strands free, this will give your face a softer look. Then put the crown on to complete your look.

    1. Loose Ballerina Bun

    Unlike the ballerina bun you want to keep the bun loose and even leave a few strands free. When you pull your hair up for the bun, you can even show off your jewellery if you like.

    1. Bubble Ponytail Low

    The already elegant low ponytail is further accentuated with the addition of the bubbles. Low Bubble Ponytails are sure to make you look gorgeous.

    1. Adorned topknot

    Top knots give you a neat look, but it doesn?t have to look plain. With the top knot bun adorned with accessories or flowers underneath can make your top knot look strikingly complex, both practical for moving around and for the ceremony.

    1. Natural Down

    Sometimes your beautiful, natural texture is enough, you don?t have to do extra. You can let your hair down and be ready for the day. But in case you want your natural hair to pop, you can secure a few flowers to decorate your coils.

    1. Waves Sideswept

    Side-swept waves are great if you want to exhibit the back of your dress. Just part your hair from one side and then sweep your waves to one side to make your back visible.

    1. Loose braided bun

    You want to keep a loose bun secure. To achieve that tightly braid the hair first, which will act as the base for your pins. After that, go back and gently loosen some of the strands to give them the appearance of being loose.

    1. Pulled-back and Decorated

    It’s impossible to get it wrong if you sweep your natural hair into an updo and finish it off by decorating it with something like a pretty headband.





    1. Fishtail


    Weave your tresses into a fishtail, braided down the back. The wavy loose braids will give the ordinary hairstyle a sweet twist.

    1. Gilded Braids


    Gilded Braids are great for hot and humid weather. It keeps your knots tight and maintained. You can wear an updo with a thick braided crown, and maybe use a gold colored string to give your hair a glamorous metallic touch.

    1. Classic Low Chignon


    The low chignon is known as the classic wedding hairstyle. You can wear it as it is or even choose to add some braids or hair pieces if you?d like. Whichever you choose to go with, you just can?t go wrong with this one.

    1. Full Crowning

    Full crowning or the crowning around is a great choice if you are planning an outdoor-nature wedding or a barn wedding. You want to use the crown to highlight the ceremony, the loose waves, topped with a floral crown will boost the aesthetics of the day.

    1. Half-Up

    If you are expecting wind, it might spell trouble because it might make your long hair blow all over your face. The half-up will keep it out of the way. You can even go for two braids and merge them for an outdoor or beach-suitable look.

    1. Updo


    For this look, gather your hair into a loose and low updo. Be mindful of keeping a few pieces out in the front to frame your face, it will complement your contours. It is a classic look that will not go out of style any time soon.

    1. Garden Style

    As the name suggests, this is perfect for a garden wedding. The side-part and soft curls, with a beautiful accessory to keep any stray hair out of your face will make your whole look flawless.

    1. Made in the Braid

    You can call this style your everyday hairstyle but an upgraded version of it. You will be wearing the hair you are comfortable with and not compromise your whole get up. if you always wear braids, you can upgrade your braids by making it into a tuck in, and even have flowers resting on it.

    1. Tucked In

    There are a number of ways to make your hair a tuck in. One of the ways is to twist and tuck the front pieces of your long hair and add waves towards the ends. Another great hairstyle if you are looking to show off your earrings.

    1. Natural and Lush

    If you want a hairstyle with minimal adulteration and just want to enhance what you already have, try keeping your hair true to its textures, or you can even try enhancing the shine or the curls if you have curly hair.

    1. Long Waves

    Long waves like this compliment your texture and give you a glamorous aura. You can just let down your hair on one side and touch up on the waves, making them more bouncy and vibrant.

    1. Flowers and Braids

    A hairstyle that gives the one wearing it a subtle princess vibe.  The thick braid across the back with fresh flowers perfectly tucked in frames the long curls, where the flowers and the curls are almost in perfect harmony.

    1. A Wavy Updo

    A wavy updo looks sophisticated but a little undone with volume and fullness throughout. It is perfect for thin hair. The clearing from the updo is counterbalanced by the voluminous curls. It is a look that suits everybody.

    So, these are the 25 best bridal hair styles that any bride to be can try in order to look her best on the big day. Is the list agreeable? Or might you have some more ideas for the brides who need some help finding a hairstyle for their wedding?

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