What is a Real Estate Joint Venture?

A real estate joint venture�is an agreement between two or more parties to collaborate and pool capital to build their property. Real estate joint ventures fund and make the majority of major projects. Real estate managers (people with substantial management experience of�real estate holdings) collaborate with real estate equity investors […]

Which tires should we use for EV cars in UAE | Guide

There are different things to consider when buying tires for your electric vehicle. EV�s have more weight than a regular car which could put tires under more strain. The ordinary tires won�t last long while bearing the increased weight in the hot and humid weather of UAE. To ensure the […]


There is no doubt that life is full of ups and downs. We might be near to tasting victory, only for life to drag us down. But there is nothing wrong with it, and you know why? These are challenges through which Allah tests us. If we accept the challenge […]

How to choose best gaming Chair?

Which gaming chair to choose? Gamers, streamers, students, and office workers often spend long hours behind the screen. A good gaming chair has therefore become practically essential.  Unlike a regular office chair, a gaming chair offers many advantages. Whether it’s entertainment, unique content creation, or a mountain of work, there’s  […]

Kitchen Floor Tiles

The floor covering for the kitchen can cause a lot of trouble during operation or quietly serve faithfully for many years. It all depends on the chosen material and the quality of the kitchen floor tiles. A bad example is laminate flooring on a board without waterproof treatment: after 1-2 […]

7 Advantages of Pursuing an Executive MBA

What is the Executive MBA? In order to emphasize the characteristics of an MBA, you first should comprehend how it differs from the first MBA courses offered in many Business schools. Here, one can only consider opting for an executive MBA if and only if one possesses industrial knowledge in […]

Business Setup in Dubai – 5 Important Tips

Setting up a business in Dubai entails that you have the good access to all the modern facilities, sustainability, and good transport facilities within quick reach. In a word, business setup in Dubai is economically, socially, politically, and otherwise available with the leverage of positive demographics. The emirate’s skilled workforce […]