Genetic technologies and human health

Gene Technology is the name given to various activities concerned with understanding genetic expression, taking advantage of genetic diversity, genetic modification, and transferring genes to new managers. Genetics square measure found altogether living things, and the square measure passed on from one generation to the future. It’s the code that […]

Foods for a Healthy Stomach and Healthy Life

Health is wealth and there is nothing that can be emphasized enough to highlight this statement. Most of us have been through a horrible sickness experience which has instilled a whole new appreciation of being healthy and functioning properly. While many of us take our health for granted the consequences […]

11 Awesome Places in the Blue City – Jodhpur

Jodhpur is otherwise called Blue City of India and this spot is situated in Rajasthan. There are numerous authentic spots in Jodhpur like Mehrangarh stronghold, blue houses, and sanctuaries. Jodhpur is known as the blue city as it glances totally blue in shading from an airborne view in light of […]

Drink Pure Water And Live Healthy

Water is one of the vital components of our life, and people can not survive without water. As water participates in almost all human body functions, it improves digestion, brain function, circulatory system, and the elimination of body waste. Various medical professionals recommend drinking the optimum concentration of water on […]