How to Maintain a Gas Furnace at Your Home?

Gas furnaces heat by consuming fuel, which at that point warms either air or water that is then coursed all through the house, warming it.   Since gas consumes cleaner than oil, the yearly service is in this way less than other systems. With most problems being as simple as relighting the pilot light, […]

What is Spy Camera?

A spy camera also called a video, or still, the camera is a video or still camera that is hidden in an object or a person and used to watch people without their consent. The word “spy” comes from the Latin word “Spiaculus” which means “watch.” The word “spy” is […]

Places & Things to do in Goa

Here is the list of things & places to visit in goa- 1. Kite-surfing Kitesurfing is one of the fresher water-sports moving in India. In spite of the fact that the movement might be a bit costly for a few, it merits the experience. You’ll take around three days to […]