2016 Toyota Corolla Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Find a 2016 Toyota Corolla battery today to maintain your car. Keep your electrical systems operating and your engine starting with a fully maintained battery at a great price. Explore the size requirements and average price of automotive batteries for your 2016 Corolla.

What Battery Size Do You Need?

All automotive batteries are organized based on group size, cold cranking amps and terminal position. For a Toyota Corolla battery, look for a group size 35 battery from a highly rated brand. The cold cranking amps can vary, but must meet the minimum requirement to start your engine in cold weather conditions.

This group size applies to lead-acid batteries, but you can also use an absorbed glass mat battery, which uses a different categorization strategy. Absorbed glass mat batteries can last longer and hold a charge for longer, but they typically cost more than lead-acid batteries.

How Much Is a New Battery?

Don?t purchase a used battery for your Toyota Corolla. Automotive batteries only last between three and five years, and they will last considerably shorter if they?re improperly stored or not charged. Now that you know how long should a car battery last, it?s important to know a good deal when you see one.

Most automotive batteries for a 2016 Toyota Corolla cost between $80 and $260. The actual cost depends on the type of battery, cold cranking amps and warranty length you choose. A low-end battery may only come with a one-year warranty, while other batteries may have up to three-year warranty coverage.

How Do You Replace a Battery?

If you purchase a new battery from a reliable automotive store, you can expect free installation services. When you order online or can?t bring your vehicle to the store for installation, you can perform this easy DIY task with a few hand tools and safety equipment.

Start by purchasing the correct battery size for your Corolla. Prepare your work space and gather safety glasses, gloves and an adjustable wrench. Ask for dielectric grease and washers to protect the terminals from corrosion.

Remove the old battery by carefully disconnecting the negative cable and then the positive cable. Don?t touch the cables together or attempt to remove the positive cable first. Check for any cover or battery strap that may be holding the old one in place before lifting it out and storing it in an upright position.

Place the new battery on the tray and apply the dielectric grease to the terminals. Add the battery cover or strap to prevent it from moving around as you drive. Secure the positive cable on the terminal and then the negative cable.

Promptly recycle your old auto battery. Take it to a local automotive store or a dedicated recycling center. Lead-acid batteries can harm the environment and your health if they?re improperly disposed of.

Where Can You Shop for a Toyota Corolla Battery?

Check out highly rated batteries with generous warranties at your trusted auto parts store. Compare prices and features before purchasing one at a nearby store or online. Replace your battery as part of your routine auto maintenance to keep your engine starting reliably.


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