11 Quick Ideas To Create Your Instagram Stories

Want some quick ideas for your Instagram stories? If you are an Instagram influencer or a business using the platform to increase sales or brand awareness, you should utilize Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories

This super fun and powerful feature has taken the universe by storm. It plays a significant role in marketing strategies and social media. Bringing exciting and fresh content could be challenging; that’s why we have provided 11 quick and easy ideas to bring out your Instagram stories. Please read the entire article carefully; let’s dive in.

Brand Introduction

Keep the things first as first – introduce your brand or business. Ask the following questions yourself:

  • What service/product do you provide?
  • Who’s your potential audience?
  • What points help to solve the issue?
  • Why do most customers like you?
views for your Instagram stories

The answers to these questions help your fans to know about you and your business well. And don’t forget that every first impression counts. So introduce your brand more attractively.

Team Introduction

People run businesses with people. With many businesses online similar to your industry, you want to provide your fans a perfect reason to select you.

By showcasing the team members behind your business, you make your fans create an emotional connection with your business. During the purchasing time, they remember you as they know you well.

BTS(Behind The Scene) Things

There is something behind the BTS content because everyone likes it. Behind The Scenes, content is the best one than other Instagram stories ideas.

Providing your fans a trailer on what happens behind your product making or your office tour, etc. Also, you can do BTS videos:

  • About your good day,
  • Your work nature,
  • Grateful speech of your client or words from your co-workers, etc.

Service/Product Highlights

Instagram stories are the perfect spot to give more info and have fun with “salesy” content. Ask the following questions yourself:

  • What service/product do you provide?
  • Why are your products so perfect?
  • What points help to solve the issue?
  • What brings them unique to others on the platform?

On Instagram stories, you could utilize videos, texts, images, stickers, polls, boomerangs, hashtags, etc. Try to use every option in your Instagram stories and bring it more creativity.

Story Takeovers

Who says only you need to post stories in your Instagram account? Through sharing(collaborating) your IG account with a popular online user for a day or a week, they can bring out new and fresh content for your stories.

While choosing the right person for collaboration, ensure your potential audience and what they will enjoy more.


Poll sticker is the new feature on IG stories which is the favorite one for many Instagram users. It helps get answers from your fans for most doubted questions, and it also encourages your fans to engage and interact with you.

Your IG polls could be fun and lighthearted, which brings immense views for your Instagram stories, but you need to take it as a severe approach & utilize them to do market research. What brings the best way to know what your fans need from you rather than directly asking them.

Educational And FAQ Content

Do you have any questions that you get most of the time? Answer it in your story section. Also, you can upload educational content such as advice, tips, and tricks that are relevant to your brand or business.

For instance, if you are from a fashion business, a FAQ might be “how long it takes for the delivery” or “what type of material this dress is made up of.” Most educational Infos may be the styling tricks for current trends or advice to find the exact dresses for your body shape.


Your IG stories do not need to be about you. Talk about other users you like most, share your work experience with your influencers, applaud someone for their excellent moves through your Instagram stories.

Provide them a great shout-out on your IG story, and your fans know why you like their profile. It increases your engagement tremendously, especially if a mentioned user on your IG stories shares your post to their community audience.


It’s also known as ‘That or This’ post. These are the perfect way for your audience to know you well. You could share someone’s template, or you can create your unique questionnaires.

If you posted the answers, ask your audience to tag you.


Social proof is the perfect way to generate more leads and convert them to conversions. Users wish to work or purchase with brands that they recognize or know well.

Though it’s a past written customer’s review screenshot or even any video testimonials, ensure to share the testimonials or reviews with your target audience.

Conduct An Episode On IGTV

IGTV is the hottest new feature on the platform. Bring out an Instagram story announcing long-term video content on Instagram TV or IGTV.

You will acquire massive viewers for your IGTV videos if you share them on Instagram stories. They both function simultaneously.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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