10 High-paying Jobs for MBA Graduates in the UK (2021)


In this pre-COVID era, the economy is now slowly and silently recovering. Resultantly, new job openings are advertised in the UK. Employees are looking for fresh graduates who can act as an asset to their company. The UK is well-known for imparting quality education. After completing an MBA in the UK, you can expect good placement and job offers from reputed companies. The most lucrative positions, for MBAs, go to the individuals who picked their significant subjects carefully. MBA majors, and the expert fields they decide on after graduation, greatly affect pay and companies than even the standing or brand of the business school where they procured their MBA degree.

The benefit of doing an MBA is that it’s so flexible you can apply it to various career options. There are tons of job opportunities for MBA Graduates. Basically, an MBA sets you up with the abilities you need to deal with a business. It leaves you with plentiful freedoms as regards picking a career. Chiefly, an MBA graduate can venture into banking and money, business venture, HR, etc. As per the University of the People, the following are the top 10 high-paying and sought-after jobs for MBA graduates:

MBA in the UK
  1. Investment Banker

Investment bankersdirect an organization’s monetary exercises and exchanges. They oversee money and venture exercises, make monetary systems, and manage the spending cycle. They earn a high salary and enjoy a comfortable work environment. However, you must possess an MBA degree in finance. The average salary is approximately £76,976. Investment banks in the UK hire fresh MBA graduates for this post. Market outlook shows 7% projected growth from 2014–2024.

  1. Financial Advisor

It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK. The work of a financial advisor involves advising individuals and companies concerning their finance. They make a working relationship with affluent customers to assist with building a portfolio that accomplishes the customer’s monetary objectives, lessen costs, or eliminate debts. The average salary is approximately £43,236.

  1. Management Analyst

Management Analysts are also called management consultants. After doing an MBAin the UK, you can easily get the job of management analyst. An MBA in project management is a prerequisite requirement for this job. The average salary is approximately £41,789 per year.

  1. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is one of the sought-after jobs for fresh MBA graduates in the UK. The main task of the marketing manager assumes a principal part in driving business development. Their responsibility is to advance a business, item, or administration as well as analyze and investigate price, demand, and competition. They are expected to devise and present ideas/strategies and promotional activities. However, you must have an MBA degree in marketing for this post. The average salary of a marketing manager is approximately £48,911.

  1. Information Technology Manager

An IT Manager is liable for the administration of all data innovation and information and technology-related administrations in an organization. The IT manager figures out what the IT objectives are of an organization and are liable for the execution of the computer frameworks expected to meet all organization objectives. But for this, you should have a specialization in MBA (Information Technology Management). The average salary is approximately £40454.

  1. HR Manager

HR manager works include creating and executing HR methodologies and drives lined up with the general business methodology. Meeting the board and representative relations by tending to requests, complaints, or different issues and dealing with the enlistment and determination measure. The salary of an HR manager is approximately £50,134 per year.

  1. Business Consultant

After MBA in the UK, you can apply for the job of a business consultant. Here, your work includes putting together and executing allocated business projects in the interest of customers as per their prerequisites and meeting with appointed clients when required, and play out an underlying appraisal of unforeseen circumstances. The salary of a business consultant is approximately £45,060. 

  1. Finance Manager

A finance manager gives monetary reports and deciphers monetary data to administrative staff while suggesting further blueprints and prompting on speculation activities and giving procedures that the organization should take. The salary of a finance manager is approximately £57,490 per year.

  1. Operations Research Analyst

The work of an operations research analyst includes identifying and solving problems related to business, logistics, healthcare, or other fields. They usually use statistical analysis, predictive models, and various other techniques of solving problems. They play a very important role in a business setup. MBA in supply chain and management is a must for this job. The salary of an operations research analyst is approximately £38,483.

  1. PR Manager

PR plays a very crucial role in building a company’s image. The role of a PR manager is very dynamic. The role includes designing PR campaigns and pitching journalists and most importantly crises management. Every company has its own PR team that looks after all these. The salary of a PR manager is approximately £45,729. However, you must have an MBA in PR and advertising.

Please note that all the above-mentioned salaries may vary from company to company. The salary is also based on individual skills and working capabilities.

Top Recruiters in the UK

After completing your MBA in the UK, the following top recruiting companies offer placements:

  • Venturi-Group – IT
  • Adecco
  • Impellam
  • Hays
  • Reed
  • Airswift
  • Astoria
  • Antal International

Apart from them, there are many other com[panies in the UK that hire individuals as well.


In the Business Statistics Briefing Paper of July 2020, it was expressed that the UK was currently home to approximately six million private sector business associations. With this enormous market accessible, securing positions in the UK after MBA can be viewed as a cakewalk. After completing an MBA in the UK, the university provides placements and the counsellors and offices will help you to secure a reputed job. It is a well-known fact that MBA graduates earn well in the UK.

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