What Clarity Do We Have In the New Honda Clarity For 2021?

The Honda Clarity here takes a steer through the toughest of competitions it has held with the Hyundai and Toyota and is more clear with its moniker as ‘Clarity’ for the year 2021.

It would either be offered with a ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell’ or with a ‘Plug-in Hybrid’, with its advanced mechanism of the propulsion and performance tweaks the ‘Now’ version of the Honda Clarity stands at a somewhat changed outlook than its predecessor.

The mid-sized family sedan now offers a boastful fuel economy and doesn’t know any turnbacks with the level of satisfaction it has come to lend to its ‘Lovers’.

You can steer clear and with clarity with its plug-in hybrid performance that can take you to a somewhat of 48 miles with its ‘Electric Only Run’ and you can continue without any halt made to the fuel stations.

There happens to be enough space for the ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell’ that can take you to 360 miles with a single charge hit. Let’s know more about the clarity of the new ‘Honda Clarity’.

How Powerful Is Its Engine?

There lies a repository of electric power and that gets stored and maintained in its 17 kWh of battery that is fired with 181 horsepower of an electric battery pack.

The vehicle’s gas engine works out somewhat of a 1.5-liter engine with 4 cylinders that not only works as a real-time generator but does nothing to the front wheel.

The ‘Hydrogen Powered’ Clarity by Honda comes with an electronic motor of 174 horsepower that works out the electricity juiced from the fuel cells.

Honda Clarity works out even more powerful than the Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai that are the only selected Hydrogen-powered vehicles out in the market as of now.

Fuel Economy And Road Mannerism

The plug-in Hybrid mechanism manages to juice out somewhat 42 MPGs and that comes in handy when you compare it with the electricity and gas together.

A 46 MPGs are taken out on the Highways and the Honda Clarity has a combined MPG of 68 MPGs, thus the MPGs are better than the likes of the Toyota and Hyundai.

Interior Fun And Connectivity

With the inclusion of Apple Car Play and Android Auto Play, the vehicle comes as standard with its 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Two separate USB ports for the smartphone and charging for the audio playbacks. The Touring variant of the vehicle holds a navigation system and so does the fuel cell variant.

The fuel cell version also holds a giant audio system of 12 speakers but the plug-in hybrid system does it with an 8 speaker system.

Driver Assisted Technologies, Feature Loadings

There lies a Honda Sensing approach that Honda does for the Clarity and the vehicle comes with great grandeur of feature loadings and an intuitive Honda LaneWatch System’ that does more to the blind spot detection for your ease of detection.

NHTSA and IIHS have done it specifically for the vehicle and their reports can be accessed from their dedicated websites, let’s hover to what are the feature loadings that Honda has made to the vehicle all-in-all.

  • An adaptive yet standard cruise control system
  • An automated emergency braking system
  • Lane departure assist
  • Lane-keeping assist

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