Best Family friendly Destinations in Calgary

Calgary is a great place to visit with your family. Here are some family-friendly places in Calgary:

1. The Calgary Zoo

Take your child for a memorable and fun day. Meet enchanting penguins in Antarctica. Visits to the majestic giraffes that the Africans call hippos and colorful mandrills; Tigers, lynxes, and snow leopards in Eurasia; or stars in the Canadian wilderness – bears, pumas, and wolves. The zoo also has a beautiful botanical garden and a popular dinosaur park! Suitable for traveling with children of all ages. Book your ticket to Calgary at the Delta Airlines official site.

2. Historical Village Heritage Park

Explore the past at Canada’s largest living history museum from 1860-1950! With over two hundred exhibits and attractions in fifty hectares of lush gardens, the Heritage Park Historical Village features a heap to supply each history buffs and people trying to find fun.

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it is the good balance of historical facts, adventure, discovery, and recreation that creates it therefore distinctive a defy the history of western Canadian settlement. Fancy mid-road harvests and games, SS Movie steam paddles, steam trains, and more!

3. Search for Spark

A place for the curious. Whether you are a young family, a teenager developing new ideas, or an adult forced to discover the “why” of science, TELUS Spark is for you. TELUS Spark is Calgary’s scientific center. The moderator aroused curiosity. Its exhibitions and programs evoke a sense of amazement and excitement. Conferences and events act as a catalyst for innovation and new concepts.

TELUS Spark could be a place for individuals of all ages and skills to grant up and settle for the need to explore and find out science, technology, engineering, art, and arithmetic. It has rotating exhibits for all ages and a large modern dome theater for planetariums and film shows! So book your Delta Airlines reservations, a limited number of seats only.

4. Calaway Park

32 trips for the family! High energy entertainment! What a treat! Calaway Park has something for everyone! As Western Canada’s largest family theme park, Calaway Park has been providing affordable family-friendly entertainment and entertainment for more than three decades.

Factor in Calaway Park’s unpaid gates, which include limitless streets, attractions, must-see Calaway live concerts, and unmatched street performers such as stage walkers, jugglers, and clowns, not to mention plenty of free parking – and It’s easy to see why greats dare to Take in Calaway Park’s stunning location in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and have a great day out with the family.

5. WinSport Canadian Olympic Park

Canadian Olympic Park is truly a year-round institution for outdoor fun and fitness in Calgary. It offers everything from mountain biking to fitness training to hockey lessons. This is more than just skiing! The perfect day for all ages or a resource for courses and programs suitable for children and adults alike. So book your ticket now from Delta Airline’s flight booking.

6. Evergreen meadow

Spruce Meadows aims to become a world leader in international equestrian sport, with an emphasis on organizing and hosting unmatched jumping competitions for young people, amateurs, and professional athletes. The evergreen meadow is open all year round! There’s always something going on – whether you just want to spend the day in their beautiful garden, enjoy one of the many temporary fairs and festivals, or take part in a jumping competition, Spruce Meadows is an affordable and fun day for everyone.

7. Bow Habitat Station

Turn to the beautiful plants and animals that call Alberta home! Explore the fish, wildlife, waters, and aquatic habitats of Alberta at four family attractions: explore the exhibits and aquariums at the Discovery Center, feed fish on a guided hatchery tour, and fish in trout ponds. (May 15 – October 31) or take a walk in the Interpretive Wet Field. Great opportunity to teach your kids about the ecosystem we are a part of.

8. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

 That translates to more than 80 years of nature protection! So far, 270 bird species, 21 mammal species, and 347 plant species from the community, volunteers, and employees have been registered in protected areas and nature centers. The nature center is open to visitors. The center offers interpretive exhibits and information about local wildlife and parks.

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